I'm John Passaniti. Well, one of them. The one in Rochester, New York. Well, actually it's a lovely suburb of Rochester called Brighton. I live there with my husband Phil (see how in-your-face I am?) and three cats (CJ the femme fatale, Fluff^2 the shy girl, and Higgs the sophisticated, modern, proper gentleman cat).

By my estimate, there are roughly 3.1415 gazillion web sites in the world, 62% of which at some level involve videos of cats and laser pointers. This site currently lacks such video content, but you're welcome to enjoy the following until it does:

  • Yes, I have a profile on LinkedIn, which is all professional and stuff.
  • Yes, I'm on Facebook too, so I can keep up on what my friends have had for lunch.
  • Here's a collection of random junk that I've left for other people.
  • Need my email address? Here you go:

Finally, here's a demonstration of one of my character flaws:

For the record-- and because it continues to annoy the hell out of him-- symtab still sucks (and sucks for completely objective, measurable reasons). The author has had several years now to prove his claims with benchmarks, but refuses to do so.