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I'm John Passaniti. Well, one of them. I'm the one in Rochester, New York. Well, it's a lovely suburb of Rochester called Brighton. I live there with my husband Phil of 37 years, and three cats (CJ the femme fatale, Fluff-Fluff the shy girl, and Sylvester the cuddle boy).

For roughly the past 33 years, I've worked as an embedded systems software engineer. Most of those years have been spent working on digital audio signal processing and control systems for the music and sound reinforcement industries. I've also spent time working on industrial carrier-grade Ethernet switches, machine vision systems used in medical laboratory automation, software-defined radio for military applications (I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you), and most recently, a bunch of other random stuff for an engineering services company.

By my estimate, there are roughly 3.1415 gazillion websites in the world, 62% of which at some level involve videos of cats and laser pointers. Although this site currently lacks such video content you're welcome to enjoy the following until it does:

  • Yes, I have a profile on LinkedIn, which is all professional and stuff.
  • Here's a collection of random junk that I've left for other people.
  • Here's a Markov Chain State Transition Diagram generator. This was part of a presentation at work on ChatGPT. 95% of the code came from ChatGPT from my prompt. It did pretty well, but I had to step in and fix several problems. The text is the lyrics from "Smells Like Teen Spirit", but you're free to put in whatever you like.
  • Need my email address? Here you go:

Finally, here's a demonstration of one of my best character flaws:

For the record-- and because it continues to annoy the hell out of him-- symtab still sucks (and sucks for completely objective, measurable reasons). The author has had several years now to prove his goofy claims with a simple benchmark that should take seconds to execute but refuses to do so. And it amuses me to no end that even after all these years, he was so upset by me pointing out the obvious that he still continues to reference me.