I'm John Passaniti. Well, one of them. The one in Rochester, New York. Well, actually it's a lovely suburb of Rochester called Brighton.

By my estimate, there are roughly 3.14 gazillion web sites in the world, 62% of which at some level involve videos of cats and laser pointers. This site currently lacks such video content, but you're welcome to enjoy the following until it does:

  • I have a seldom-updated blog, like everyone else.
  • Yes, I have a profile on LinkedIn, which is all professional and stuff.
  • Yes, I'm on Facebook too, so I can keep up on what my friends have had for lunch.
  • I set up a temporary mirror of scanned Forth Dimensions.
  • I set up a temporary mirror of Jeff Fox's UltraTechnology.com web site.
  • Here's a collection of random junk that I've left for other people.
  • Need my email address? Here you go: